Research Groups

  • sunflowers

    Chemistry of Renewable Resources

    Prof. Thomas Rosenau

  • Ramie Fiber

    Biopolymer and Paper Analytics

    ao. Prof. Antje Potthast

  • Nata de Coco

    Chemistry of Biomaterials

    Ass.-Prof. Falk Liebner

  • old book

    Paper Conservation Science

    Dr. Ute Henniges

  • flasks with samples

    Biorefinery Analytics

    Dr. Stefan Böhmdorfer

  • NMR tubes

    NMR Spectroscopy

    Dr. Markus Bacher

The Division of Chemistry of Renewable Resources consists of six closely linked research groups:

Chemistry of Renewables - Thomas Rosenau

Biopolymer and Paper Analytics - Antje Potthast

Chemistry of Biomaterials - Falk Liebner

Paper Conservation Science - Ute Henniges

Biorefinery Analytics - Stefan Böhmdorfer

NMR Spectroscopy - Markus Bacher