VIRIS - Vienna Isotope Research and Survey


VIRIS Laboratory for Analytical Ecogeochemistry

Analytical Chemistry with the focus on the development and application of analytical methods to investigate dynamic processes in biological and ecological systems

The VIRIS-Analytical Ecogeochemistry research group at the Department of Chemistry is based on the award of the  START prize of the FWF in 2005. The research is based on the development and application of methods for isotope ratio measurements in analytical ecogeochemistry. Ecogeochemistry investigates biotic and abiotic matter and their interactions in ecosystems and across ecosystem boundaries.

Since April 2011 the research group around Thomas Prohaska conducts its research in the newly founded research laboratories of the BOKU at the UFT in Tulln.

About Analytical Ecogeochemistry as transdisciplinary research direction (in German).


2004 START grant
2008 INITS award
2009 BOKUDOC grant
2010 DocFforte 

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