Infrastructure and Facilities


  • 600 MHz NMR, BRUKER Avance III, Probe BBFO for nuclei between 31P and 15N plus 19F, z-Gradients, B-VT Temperature Unit, Autosampler SampleXpress Lite
  • 300 MHZ NMR, BRUKER DPX, QNP Probe for 1H, 13C, 15N and 31P, z-Gradients, B-VT Temperature Unit, Autosampler SampleXpress, Match System
  • Polarimeter (Perkin Elmer)
  • LC-MS, Shimadzu 2020
  • ELSD, Alltech 3300
  • Hitachi U3010 Spectrophotometer
  • IR Spectrometer, Bruker alpha


  • Ozoniser
  • H-Cube Stainless Steel, Thales-Nano
  • Hydrogenation device for low and high pressure applications
  • Flowstart Flow Reactor, Future Chemistry
  • Reichert Thermovar
  • Infra Red Vortex Evaporator
  • solvent recovery system
  • Karl Fischer automatic titrator, Mitsubishi CA 21
  • freeze dryer
  • freezer -80 deg C
  • HPLC, UV/VIS, Shimadzu
  • Vacuum drying cabinet, Binder